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Catholic Longhorns for Life

There is a problem with Planned Parenthood

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Dear Editor,
I was shocked when I read your assertion in the March 2, 2006 Paraglide on p. 2A that “There’s nothing wrong with Planned Parenthood, it’s an organization that
provides legitimate services.”

There is something very wrong with Planned Parenthood. It kills children and
exploits women. Over 4,000 children are killed weekly in their own facilities.
They perform more abortions annually than any other organization in America
Planned Parenthood was founded by a noted eugenicist and racist, Margaret
Sanger. Sanger believed that “Negroes and Southern Europeans were mentally
inferior to native born Americans,” and considered black people, Jews, Southern
European immigrants (especially Italians), and others to be of “low I.Q.” and a
“menace to the race.” Besides being pro-abortion, she proposed restrictions
upon these supposedly “feebleminded” people, including forced sterilization and
separation (3), (7), (8). Today, Planned Parenthood Federation of America still
celebrates Margaret Sanger’s supposed contributions to our society by awarding
“prestigious” honors in her name to various people and organizations who
support their agenda (9).

Planned Parenthood mocks the Christian faith, publishing “Choice on Earth”
Christmas cards and t-shirts (2).

Planned Parenthood locations have profited from repeated selling of baby parts
from the aborted unborn, including, “a ‘whole intact leg, including the entire
hip joint,’ from a baby that was ‘22-25 weeks gestation’.” (6) Obviously
Planned Parenthood itself knows that an unborn child is not just a “blob of
tissue” if they are willingly making money from the murder of innocents.

Abortion hurts the mother, also. After an abortion, she is at an increased risk
of breast cancer, infection, blood clots, hemorrhage, bleeding, blood
transfusions, and uterine perforation (3). She is also susceptible to post
abortion syndrome, a deep range of emotional and psychological disturbances
(5). Should she decide to have children in the future, if she is not sterilized
as a result of the abortion, those pregnancies will be at an increased risk of
tubal/ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, low birth-weight, labor complications,
premature birth, and newborn death (4).

Planned Parenthood maintains that abortions are “safe,” while also profiteering
tens of millions of dollars every year from abortion alone.

Planned Parenthood shows a severe lack of respect for human life in their choice
to kill children, harm women and teens emotionally and physically, promote
abortion overseas, profit from abortion, encourage teen sexual activity, and
deny a ban on partial-birth abortions, which is done to kill babies in the womb
as old as 8 months. The fact that Planned Parenthood kills children trumps any
other “legitimate” service that they may provide.

Anna -------


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Cincinnati, OH: Hayes Publishing Company, 2003.
(4) V. Logillo et al., “Effect of Induced Abortion on Subsequent Reproductive
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(8) E. Drogin, Margaret Sanger, Father of Modern Society, CUL Publications,
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Catholic Longhorns for Life is a registered student organization at the University of Texas dedicated to instilling respect for human life at all stages of existence.